January 13, 2012

Show Update - long overdue

Well, we've had a busy year in 4-H! The state show was back in September. Long story short, it was a total blast!

We had two days of competition and had three activities a day.

On the first day we had agility, jumpers and four dog team.
Agility was amazing. Mya flew around the course and listened so well. We ended up with a time of 26.99 seconds and a pretty champion ribbon! The second place dog had a time of 27.01 seconds, so we just barely eeked it out.
Next was jumpers. Also amazing! We took home another champion ribbon and had a time of 17.09 seconds - way ahead of the other runs. Both agility and jumpers were clean runs of course!
That night we had four dog team. We were just a few points away from the blue ribbon cutoff, but we had a lot of fun!

The next day was obedience, rally and showmanship.
Obedience went really well and we got a blue ribbon!
Rally was disappointing. We were ready to go in the showmanship ring when they called for us in rally. We had to rush upstairs, change leashes and collars, and do a quick walk thru and go. This meant I had no warm up time with Mya so she was a distracted mess. We did end up with a blue, but on a normal day (if there is such a thing!) our average scores would have taken champion so it was still disappointing.
Showmanship made up for all of that however! Mya was a perfect angel! We not only got our first call back ever, we also took champion out of our huge class!

Overall it was a very successful and awesomely fun show!