September 7, 2010


I'm going to start this off by asking where the barfing emoticon is.

I ended up storing a whole case of Pegetables at my house when taking inventory of what treats we had for a foster network/low/no cost spay neuter group I work with. In the end we haven't had an event we can take them to to hand out and have nothing else to do with them so I tried giving some to Mya to see what they were like.

I am disgusted at the fact that they are made with VEGETABLES. Dogs are CARNIVORES. (Although they are oportunistic carnivores and can survive but not thrive on other things, that's another post) And the package says veterinarian approved which really means nothing, yet it's sure to get people to buy.

And about the Guarenteed Delicious and #1 in taste - what dogs did the testing? Mya eats almost anything including lettuce and other vegetables. She even takes her heartworm pill by herself! But I took one out of the package and she ran off. I coaxed her to sniff the small piece I cut off (I wasn't going to feed her a whole one after reading the ingriedients) and she spent a long time sniffing it before trying it, then she spit it out a few times before actually eating it.

When I first took one out I thought it had to be plastic since it was obviously molded into shape, was super hard and difficult to cut without microwaving (don't worry - the package said you could microwave for easier cutting!). It also had numbers imprinted on it from the mold much like the bottom of tubberware containers. And it was super shiny and smooth. Blech.

Basically, they smell like garbage, look like garbage, apparently taste like that's where they're going! If you/your dog likes them, good for you but I won't be feeding those to any dog I know anytime soon.

Anyone else heard of these or tried them? What do you guys think?