September 9, 2010

High Energy Dog vs. Rabbit Den

Mya is just insane lately. A week and a half ago she found a rabbit den in the backyard. Before we could get to her she ate one and killed two, leaving two more. So she hasn't been able to free run for hours like she is used to and she's going crazy (and so am I)!

Since Mya is Invisible Fence trained, I put 50 of the white flags around the rabbit nest which seems to be working for now to keep her away, but I don't trust her running around without something else to do. So for 10 days now the only running she's gotten is some while playing fetch and when she gets the zoomies in the house. I've been running her on lead and we've been taking her with us when we go places more than usual. I've also been training and playing games more than usual but she just needs some flat out running time!

Only 3-4 more weeks until the rabbits grow up and move! Yeah! I can't wait until they're gone (even though I'm a serious rabbit lover). Grow up fast little cottontails!