December 17, 2010

Christmas is coming...

Wow - it's been awhile since I've posted anything!

Christmas is coming WAY to fast. I'm no where near ready and it's 8 days 'til Christmas, but family will be here in just 6!!! And being gone all this weekend is NOT going to help.

Being the good dog mom that I am, I got Mya a santa outfit for Christmas. Being an even better mom, I had to try it on her already "just to make sure it fits." Now it's wrapped under the tree and I will be using my powers to resist opening it before Christmas Eve. Now, if we do end up going on another TDI visit before then, we might just have to break the rules... ;)

We were hit with a blizzard last week and then yesterday got dumped with about at least 8 more inches of snow. Some of the drifts in the yard are over 4 feets high! Mya's been having such a blast running through the snow. She loves it!
I love it when she runs through the snow because it tires her out so much faster than just running. :)

When the windchill was below -35 the other day she only got to go out for quick potty breaks, so I had a crazy dog with so much pent up energy. We played lots of tug/hide 'n' go seek games and did a lot of training as well. I dug out her Kong, too, and that's been a lifesaver with keeping her busy! A little ham, some shredded cheese, and kibble soaked in water then frozen does wonders!

Most likely my next post will be after Christmas, with pics of Mya in her Christmas outfit of course. ;)