January 4, 2011

Dog Sitting Max - Through Mya's Eyes

For the past week we've been dog sitting my grandparent's rescue Australian Shepherd, Max. Mya's been having a ball. I'll let her tell you about everything:

Hi! Mya here! Last week a car came and brought people and my best canine friend, Max! The people didn't stay long, but they must've seen that Max and I were ecstatic to see each other since they left him behind for a looooong sleepover play date! We've been having tons of adventures.
First, we barked and play growled and wrestled! That was so much fun. After that we got to go play outside and run in the snow chasing tennis balls. I don't think Max understands that game since while I was being a good dog and fetching the ball, he kept chasing me and cutting me off. I heard the humans saying something about "herding" when ever he did that. Maybe it's the name of the game he invented.
Later we each got scrumptious rawhide treats and we both wanted the one the other had. We kept trading and I heard the people say we we're very good at "sharing." I'm not sure what "sharing" is, but the word good was in there so it must not be bad.
The first night did not follow our usual bedtime pattern. We got to sleep in the living room instead of in Alex's bedroom. We slept with Alex and another person she calls her cousin (what ever that means) on the couches!
Alex and cousin played a lot with us but cousin left the next day. But that was okay since then we got to play with each other.
We've spent a lot of time romping in the snow since you can eat it and bounce in it. Sometimes the snow even zips around in the air! Max is a chicken-dog though and only goes outside for potty breaks without humans if I lead him since I'm brave.
One day when Max and I were playing with our toys we discovered that when the humans got bored of playing tug, we could play with ourselves! Eventually the toys got put away, but the next day we wanted to play tug more so we snuck into my toy stash and got out our favorite tug toy and brought it out to play tug. The people said we were very smart. That must be good since they were laughing when they said it.
Max and I also did tricks together. Max knows how to spin on the same cues I do - imagine that! - so we would do the tricks "sit" and "spin" at the same time and get loads of deliciously wonderful treats. Max and I also took turns doing our own tricks and when one of us was not learning new tricks, we would have to lie down quietly and wait and if we stayed there we would get tossed treats, too. That was fun! Who knew not doing anything could get you food?
At night now we both snuggle together to keep Alex warm. One of us sleeps at the end of the bed and the other sleeps with their head up by the pillow. We take turns so no one feels left out. We're good at that!
The bad thing is that I heard Alex say that Max is leaving today! I'll get to see him again some other time, but I wanted him to stay forever. Alex said that people are coming to pick Max up, so it should be a bittersweet goodbye since I'll miss Max but I'll get to see people!

So there you have it...our adventure of dog sitting Max through the eyes of the dog.
Coming soon to our blog...The Do's and Don't's of Jumping in Agility.