May 18, 2010

Class updates

Last night was agility class, and tonight we have obedience, rally, and showmanship classes.

Agility went so well! Even though it's outside, Mya was able to run without me holding her leash and remain focused. Once again, though, Mya did everything perfectly but it was ME who messed up! Not paying enough attention (we didn't do walkthroughs), I kept taking routes that had me do a rear cross. So my trainer had me repeat it several times until I was able to stay on one side! Our mini course started with a jump, then a tunnel, the two jumps, one to the left and one to the right. Our course went jump, tunnel, left jump, 180 turn, right jump, tunnel, jump. I crossed behind Mya after entering the tunnel on the backside, and another time after the second jump. Although I managed to plan ahead (for once!) and stay to one side. Who says it's dog classes? Shouldn't it be owner-learning classes? :)
The reason I had to learn to take a course without rear crosses it that it slows you down, and Mya is a VERY fast dog. So no short cuts can be taken here!

Then tonight it's on to a showmanship class, and then we have an hour break to hang out at the training center before out obedience/rally class starts. Mondays and Tuesdays will be busy for the rest of the summer! Later on this year, then, we'll show in Show, OB, Rally, and Agility at the 4-H county show. Hopefully we also can make it on to the state level. I hope to do some invitational shows this summer for practice.

Alex and Mya


Kamie said...

Cool! Hope you have lots of fun!

Mya's Person said...

Thanks! It is a lot of fun!