May 12, 2010


Tonight we spotted the first cottontail of the year nibbling on dandelions out the window. As we are all watching it, Mya decides, as she always does, that if we are looking out the window something interesting is out there. Usually it's nothing, or a squirrel, and she watches it with the occasional whine to go out and get it.
But OH MAN was she fit to be tied trying to get the cottontail! Pawing at the window (which I've never seen her do) and actually HOWLING to get outside and chase it! She was shaking with excitment and "talking" to us like she does when she is happy. It was even more fun when another rabbit came hopping out of the woods! Back and forth between the windows, and she is just now settling down...oops, back at the window as I write! At least the howling and trembling has stopped...

So much for trying to show her about the Kong we got several years ago that I just finally re-found...that couldn't compare to a rabbit! Maybe tomorrow she'll be more interested in it... :)

Alex and Mya (who is busy hunting the wascly wabbit!)