May 27, 2010

First TDI Visit last night

Last night was Mya's (and my!) first ever Therapy Dog visit! I went so well!

It was place for the mentally ill. We went around and visited and talked to people and they petted our dogs. Then we did heeling and everytime we stopped we introduced a dog. Then each dog did a trick (Mya did sit pretty). Then we did recalls and stays. Then anyone who wanted to could do more tricks with their dog, so Mya and I did wave and roll over (thinking back, I could've done spins and a backstall if I had worn a t-shirt and not a tanktop, but I was nervous and couldn't go through Mya's over 80 tricks!). Then we visited with people again.

All in all, it was about an hour of visiting/demonstrations. It was so fun and Mya just did such a great job!

Off to another visit tomorrow morning! :)

Alex and Mya CGC TDI