May 19, 2010

Show, OB, and Rally classes

For the first night of Showmanship and Obedience this year, and the first night ever of Rally, Mya did so well!

In showmanship she did pretty good with staying stacked (except when people came near her...but we're working on that) and her gaiting was excellent tonight! The trainer commented on it several times.

We ended up not having a huge break and joining the more advanced class in between since there weren't many people at the first night. Mya actually was a very good listener. This year heeling is the only thing on leash, and except for when we did heeling Mya was off leash the entire class. She just laid down right next to me and waited (without me telling her too!) even when other dogs did recalls and things like that. She also didn't break her stay when the "popper," a kids toy that makes popping noises that is in the "distraction box," was rolled right in front of her. She did not want to stay standing for the stand for exam, though, as she wanted to go and greet people! I'm actually quite happy about that, though, because last year she was afraid of her reflection in the mirror there and she tucked her tail when someone wanted to pet her and she slinked around. So this is a great improvement!

Then we had rally, which went great as well! She has a great head start since she is the only one in class that knows both finishes (left and right). And by that time she was tired enough to heel so much better!

And that night she was tired after me running her and exercising her mind all day, then almost 3 hours of classes.
Now I know that if I want a tired dog (and not exhausted, just well rested!) that Mya needs to run for about an hour, play fetch, do many tricks each day, have two dogs come over to car pool to class and have the excitement of seeing them, then go to a new place with many dogs coming and going the whole night and to train for almost 3 hours, then come home and be well rested.

And I know she was able to rest because she let me sleep in until 8:30! :)

Alex and Mya