May 18, 2010

AKC Canine Partners

Mya's registration form was just sent off today!

AKC is pretty much the only venue outside of 4-H in our area with OB and Rally. The 4-H rules are also slightly based off of the AKC rules. Since the start of the Canine Partners program, I've been super excited to sign Mya up. That way we should be able to get more practice showing in different places in!

Her "registered name" that I listed is No Joke Memorial Day Mya May. What? Why's that?
The reasoning behind the name is this. No Joke comes from her being born on April Fools Day. So it's a time for fooling around and joking, hence that part. Memorial Day comes from us getting her on Memorial Day 2007. Mya is obvious, and it's Mya May because we got her in May and she needed a middle name as a puppy when she got in trouble ;) and also because May is Mya with two letters switched. So, put together in a order that sounded somewhat good, you get No Joke Memorial Day Mya May. Plus it sorta rhymes!

Signing off for now, to go run and take even the slightest edge off before classes tonight,

Alex and No Joke Memorial Day Mya May